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    It was your usual beautiful summer day in Mammoth Lakes, CA when Jeff Fox decided to ride his bike to a friend’s house. There he was, just cruising along, when BAM! - one swerve and next thing you know, Jeff was knocked out on the road. 

    After fracturing his skull and experiencing internal brain bleeding, Jeff had to be flown to the hospital in Reno, NV to undergo intensive care. We all know that’s one expensive ride, which his insurance may or may not cover at this point (we’ll keep you all updated). It’s hard to be thankful for a broken dome, but what’s crazy is that thanks to the skull fracture, the pressure from the internal brain bleeding was relieved… which is why he is fully awake, alert, and functioning today.

    Jeff doesn’t recall the accident very well but you can only imagine the fear he experienced waking up in ICU with a massive headache and no recollection of how he got there. Now he is faced with some scary medical bills and a challenging road to recovery.

    But you know what? If an accident like this is going to happen to anyone, Jeff is the kind of guy that can handle it. He’s that guy that is always down for an adventure and has a permanent smile on his face. He charges in just about every mountain activity you can imagine - rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, and more. He is absolutely one of the most positive and happy people in the world.

    We’re also banking on the fact that Jeff has a ton of good karma racked up from all his years of working at the firehouse and on ski patrol. Jeff has always been the one to lend a helping hand and save lives; now it’s our turn to support him.

    The doctors anticipate it will take 6-8 weeks for him to recover, but of course Foxy says he will back in action in 2 weeks. Easy buddy!

    We will be posting updates here as much as possible, so stay tuned, and please please please share out this page. We appreciate any donation big or small and your efforts to help spread the word to get Jeff’s head strong again.

    Love & gratitude,